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  • Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG)

    Welcome to Surrey Adult Learning Information, Advice and Guidance

    Surrey Adult Learning was delighted to successfully renew the matrix Standard in February 2022. This Standard signifies that the Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) given to learners is of the highest quality.

    The full assessment report, ( February 2022) and the certificate for 3 years (until 2025) are below.  The first year Continuous Improvement Check will be in February 2023. 

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    Information Advice and Guidance is often referred to as IAG

    When you see the matrix logo you can be sure that SAL staff will provide:

    • Information - Provide helpful relevant information and support your learning throughout your time with us.
    • Advice - Help you choose the right course.
    • Guidance - Signpost you to further relevant learning if we cannot meet your requirements.
  • Surrey Adult Learning’s commitment to Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG)

    To help you choose the right course with Surrey Adult Learning and to make sure your experience of learning with us is a good one, we aim to provide you with helpful, relevant information at various points during your time with us.
    Whilst we deliver high quality adult learning and we're proud of our range of courses, if we do not provide the one you are looking for we will do our best to point you in the direction of an organisation that will be able to help you.
    We are here to support you. Please ask a member of staff for more information and they will be happy to help.
    As always, if you have any worries or concerns, please discuss these with your tutor or a member of centre staff as soon as you can.

  • Information

    information is provided on our website (and as a paper version if you request it). The course information clearly explains the level of the course, the content, materials required and course expectations. www.surreycc.gov.uk/adultlearning or call 0300 200 1044

    Learner information for adult learning When you enrol online you will be emailed a link to important learner information on our webpage.  This page contains all the information you need to have whilst learning with us and explains what you can expect from us and what we expect from you.

    We provide a variety of signposting information, not only in regard to Surrey Adult Learning courses but to other learning and training providers across Surrey. We also provide information about local clubs and societies which may enable you to extend your learning experience in the direction you wish to go. Progression information is available on Other adult learning opportunities - Surrey County Council (surreycc.gov.uk) and also in every adult learning centre. Or call 0300 200 1044

    Kudos AD logo

    We also offer opportunities for you to access online careers and advice about further training and development.  This service is used extensively by career development specialists, Kudos AD matches users to careers based on a personal profile developed through an interest inventory and skills analysis. This supports users to identify pathways into careers. Kudos AD offers an interactive online career programme tailored to individual needs. Trusted by careers advisers, Kudos AD is packed with ample features that help you  to evaluate your options and plan your future.

    A limited amount of licences are currently available to Surrey Adult Learning learners. If you would like to know more, then please talk to your tutor about how you can get free access to this on-line package.  It is linked to live job opportunities.  You can take a look at the  Kudos AD overview: https://www.cascaid.co.uk/resources/ad-resources/how-to-videos/. Talk to your tutor or contact helen.firth@surreycc.gov.uk

    The National Careers Service provide Information, Advice and Guidance to help you make decisions on learning training and work. To access further support, if you prefer, you can call them directly on 0800 100 900. (This service is for adults 18+). Here is the link to the National Careers Service nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk. Leaflets are provided in every adult learning centre.

    For information on our website specifically about our courses for adults with learning difficulties/disabilities including how to book your Information, Advice and Guidance appointment and a copy of the learner Welcome leaflet visit: https://www.surreycc.gov.uk/schools-and-learning/adult-learning/courses/learning-disabilities Or call 0300 200 1044


  • Feedback

    Learner Feedback We are interested in your feedback as this ensures that we can continually improve our services. You will, at the end of your course, be asked to complete learner feedback about your experiences whilst learning with us. All feedback is valuable to us, and helps us plan for the future. Annually, our funders ask you for feedback as well. Please take part actively to ensure that the funders are made aware of how you value this service and the impact learning opportunities have on your lives.

    Learner Focus Groups are held annually in the summer term. These are held in every centre in small face to face groups. These sessions encourage you to feedback experiences often around a set of themes. Once again, their aim is to identify good practice but also to encourage you to contribute to the continuous improvement of our service.

    The Learner Voice publication is available every term and is, as the title suggests, a chance for you to highlight your achievements and experiences whilst learning with us. Please do talk to your tutor and ask about this publication to make sure your voice is being heard.